Inventions Services Feed Golfing ‘Frenzy’

There are more than 10,000 members of the Columbus District Golf Association, and that just accounts for people who belong to private clubs in Franklin and contiguous counties. Many thousands more saunter the fairways and rough of the area’s public and semi-private courses.

No wonder, then, that local merchants and entrepreneurs are in the groove with products catering to the game’s fanatics.


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Developers Use Land To Build Golfing Communities

With 54 holes of golf surrounded by majestic river views near historic Fredericksburg, Larry Silver CEO of Silver Companies, felt he had the perfect spot to attract East Coast golfers. But he knows fit takes more than a prime piece of land and a world-renown golf architect for a golf course to be successful.

The trend in golf course construction has developers teaming with residential builders or corporate campuses to create golfing communities.


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Golfing Holidays: Novices Will Soon Get Into The Swing Of Things

Taking golf lessons at an all-inclusive resort is a cost-effective way to try the sport. I watched in awe as the ball soared powerfully through the air – the fact that it was only two inches off the ground and traveled just three feet were irrelevant.

I had hit the ball and it had taken flight – that was all that mattered and I jumped around in excitement at my first golfing triumph.


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