Relationships Between Nursing Home Caregivers And Care Recipients

People who receive care in nursing homes are called many things – and that’s a problem. Many nurses in a nursing home with the best shoes for nurses still busy all day long. The delivery of nursing home care and services, no matter at what acuity level, appears to be based on how the providers of that care identify the recipient.

My argument assumes that all relationships between nursing home caregivers and care recipients are based on the service providers’ perceptions of the outcomes that the recipient is supposed to achieve. Each provider’s label for the care recipient thus defines the provider’s overall interaction with the caregiver in a nursing home.


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Safety In Bear Country

More than any other group of outdoor recreationists, hunters need to know how to protect themselves in bear country.

“Hunters are the single largest category of bear-caused injuries and fatalities, simply by the nature of what they do,” says Tom Smith, a wildlife biologist who has spent twenty-plus years researching bears. Smith, along with bear-attack authority Stephen Herrero and three other biologists, recently published a major study on what happens when people with guns (mostly hunters) mix it up with aggressive bears (mostly grizzlies) in Alaska.


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That Magic Feeling

Alter your form and you might change more than your stride. Three years ago I was a runner who couldn’t run. Plantar fasciitis tortured my soles. My IT bands felt as tight as banjo strings. Burning shinsplints rebuffed all the healing arts. Desperate for relief, I went to see a doctor who specializes in helping runners. He watched me run on a treadmill. He poked and prodded me. He injected my shins with a platelet-rich plasma treatment. Then he announced, “You need to change how you run.”


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Do You Know That Clothes Can Make A Man A Better Western Hunter

If you are comfortable, you can forget about how you feel and concentrate on what you’re doing. You’ll stay focused longer and put in more hours if your clothes and the best hunting boots that make the experience fun. When the day becomes an exercise in survival, you might as well unload your rifle because any chance for a shot becomes incidental. You’ve shifted your attention from the hunt to yourself.

To hunt well, you must not only look into surrounding cover; you must step outside yourself and become your quarry’s shadow. That mental commitment follows physical preparedness. Part of the prep you’ll complete before the season, conditioning your body. Part happens at camp when you dress by lantern-light. Dress wrong, and the environment, not you, will control the outcome of your hunt.


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How Do You Prove The Greatest In Hunting?

If prominence is the key, then starry Orion, hunting Taurus through the zodiac with his sword and a brace of dogs, would qualify. Nimrod was a mighty Biblical hunter, even though mentioned as such in only a single verse in Genesis. The Egyptian pharaohs were probably among the first to hunt for sport as much as food, journeying to the Euphrates Valley in what is now Syria to hunt the elephants that had been extinguished in Egypt; hunting lions from chariots with bow and arrow–Amenhotep III claiming 102 kills during the first ten years of his reign; and going after the most dangerous game in the Nile, the hippopotamus, in order to control its numbers and reduce its depredation on crops and threats to people.


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Hunting The Diminutive Sitka Blacktail In The Wilds Of Alaska

When I was twelve, I joined an outdoor book club. I cherished those books, savoring stories of exotic places like Africa and the Yukon. For a kid growing up in Nebraska, even stories from Montana seemed a world away. But no stories touched a chord like those from Alaska, particularly Kodiak Island, which conjured images of giant bears and giant fish.

After reading those books I dreamed often of Kodiak–of furry, beach-combing, mega-clawed monsters ready to prove to any corner their rightful rank in the food chain. I dreamed of moose, halibut, and salmon. I have to admit I never dreamed of Sitka blacktail deer. That is until the opportunity came to finally experience Kodiak Island for me, to bring the frayed pages of those old books to life and pursue this mysterious resident of coastal Alaska.


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What Makes A Good Hunter?

How hard you hunt, or how often you go, doesn’t define the type of hunter you are. It’s much more than that.¬†As hunters, we are truly a blessed lot. I cannot even imagine what my life would be like had my daddy not raised me to be a hunter who appreciates and spends so much time in the outdoors. Some people will point to me and say, “Well, sure, Michael, I bet you do feel that way since you get to hunt as part of your job.” In truth, the bottom line is when my life was as simple as walking out behind my family’s house and calling a turkey or barking up a squirrel, I knew there was something truly special about this tradition of hunting.


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Business Golf Is On The Upswing

If time really is money, even you never play golf before, the four or more hours spent with a customer on the golf course with the best golf clubs for beginners can be a better investment than an hour over lunch. That’s what local executives say about using golf to entertain customers and potential clients.

“Lunch is a formal, stiff setting,” explains Jim Janetz, managing director of Banc One Asset Management Corp. But the golf course is a natural, relaxing environment. It’s four or more hours of exercise and fresh air. Plus, whether talking about greenbacks or the greens, golfing is “probably one of the few places where you can get the client’s undivided attention” for that long, Janetz says.


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Golf Community: What Buyers Want Today?

Many buyers today purchase homes in a golf community for the security, the social atmosphere and the prestige of living in a luxury community – not necessarily for the golfing. Residential lots in golfing communities are general among the most valuable pieces of property in Florida. For example, at Burnt Pine, a private community in the Panhandle oceanfront resort of Sandesfin, home sites alone range up to $500,000, and completed homes are priced up to $1.3 million.


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Making The Cut For A Successful Golf Course

Making the cut for a successful golf course community has become more difficult. Developers must understand real estate and golf. With more and more baby boomers moving toward retirement, a national desire for healthy outdoor activities, all the ingredients were in place for a surge in residential and resort golfing communities.

But things haven’t worked out quite as expected. For every successful luxury golfing community in Florida, several others have performed below expectations or failed – foreclosed by lenders, sold off at fire-sale prices or simply ignored by the marketplace.


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