Profiting From The Pain

The former Ball State University swimming standout was experiencing a severe case of plantar fasciitis, an inflammation of the plantar fascia tendon in the heel of the foot, often caused by poor shoe support and without the best shoes for plantar fasciitis. If the problem goes untreated, heel spurs will develop.

When orthotic inserts and foot wraps offered no relief, Byrne took the matter into his own hands. He developed a compression wrap that fits around the arch of the foot, now marketed as Arch+Aid, that is sold in more than 200 stores in 40 states, including Hawaii.


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Processes To Enhance Foot Health

Bunions. Shin splints. Plantar fasciitis. Hammer’s toes. (Not to mention blisters, corns and athletes foot.) Even thinking about foot ailments makes most people’s toes curl. The good news is that there are dedicated specialists who consider these ailments every day. Better yet, they help alleviate such conditions by developing better-fitting and better-performing footwear.


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Relationships Between Nursing Home Caregivers And Care Recipients

People who receive care in nursing homes are called many things – and that’s a problem. Many nurses in a nursing home with the best shoes for nurses still busy all day long. The delivery of nursing home care and services, no matter at what acuity level, appears to be based on how the providers of that care identify the recipient.

My argument assumes that all relationships between nursing home caregivers and care recipients are based on the service providers’ perceptions of the outcomes that the recipient is supposed to achieve. Each provider’s label for the care recipient thus defines the provider’s overall interaction with the caregiver in a nursing home.


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That Magic Feeling

Alter your form and you might change more than your stride. Three years ago I was a runner who couldn’t run. Plantar fasciitis tortured my soles. My IT bands felt as tight as banjo strings. Burning shinsplints rebuffed all the healing arts. Desperate for relief, I went to see a doctor who specializes in helping runners. He watched me run on a treadmill. He poked and prodded me. He injected my shins with a platelet-rich plasma treatment. Then he announced, “You need to change how you run.”


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