Golf as both a participatory and spectator sport has experienced a great increase in popularity in the past 50 years.¬†Golf is a sport that satisfies a diversity of human needs, some of a social or business nature, others relating to physical activity in a natural setting, and still, others having amazingly different kinds of stimuli. Golf also is often described as having been democratized during recent decades, with notable increases in participation among blacks, women, and nonprofessional managerial workers. The increasing number of rounds played is putting great pressure on available facilities, and projections for the coming decade suggest that the demand will accelerate. These trends are a result of more people having a greater number of options available to them in the use they make of their free time. Golf’s continuing growth reflects, in addition, the remarkable impact that charismatic professional golfers such as Arnold Palmer have had in popularizing the sport among the less affluent. In our resources, you can find all things that you need to know about your game. Come here and enjoy!